No Match File Solve Problem 1506 Satellite Receiver Series

Hello Friends Today Iam Sharing With You 

1506g No Match File Error Fix

 1506f No Match File Error Fix 

1506t No Match File Error Fix

1507g No Match File Error Fix

 All Receivers No Match File Error Fix Hare

Pluging USB Receiver and Save Flash On Gareen Button Flash SAVE On Your Usb 

Now Copy Flashfile to Your Distop Screen
2.Your New Software You Upgarde But Error No Match File
Both Software On Your Distop Place


  • Download HxD Software on Your PC OR Laptop
  • Install HxD and Open

OPEN YOUR Flish File OR Your Receiver Flash File Your  Save Your USB

Search and Goto Press 0001A000

Your Receiver Adress

Now Open Your New Software  and Change Same Adress Both New Software You Upgrade and flashfile

Save And Install Your New Software .bin file NO Match File issuee Fix Now

More Full Info Watch Video

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